The Johnson County Sheriff's Office now has a Sex Offender Registration and Compliance Unit (SORC), This deals with all the registered sex offenders in the rural part of Johnson County.


The SORC Program also assures that all registered sex offenders are current with their registration and in full compliance with the Texas Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Registration Program along with the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Chapter 62.


All registered sex offenders are categorized by the city  which they reside in, if you know of anyone that is not in this database and is a registered sex offender residing in the rural part of Johnson County, Please contact the SORC Unit at 817-556-6058 ext 288 or email at 


Sex Offender Registration and Compliance


The Johnson County Sheriff's Office shall not be responsible for errors or omissions produced by secondary dissemination of data.  Any person or organization that uses the information to injure, harass, or commit an act against any individual will be subject to criminal prosecution.  If the city  are not present there are no registered sex offenders living in the rural area.


Art 62.045 of the Code of Criminal Procedures requires the Texas Department of Public Safety  to furnish additional public information for certain sex offenders.  If the offender is considered a "High Risk" the department (Tx Dept of Public Safety)shall  mail out printed notification cards to  each residence within a 3 block radius in a subdivided area and a 1 mile radius in the departments database. 


There are currently several offenders that remain incarcerated that are not listed on this list but have Johnson County addresses, if and when these subjects are released and reside in Johnson County they will be listed as well.

Texas Department of Public Safety Registered Sex Offender Lookup




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Also Family Watchdog is a National Sex Offender Registry where the citizens can sign up free of charge with your address and be alerted each time a registered sexual offender moved into or out of your area.